Top Hip Budget Hotel Brands

Say you’re planning to go on a road trip, and you find yourself in a strange dilemma, where do I stay? You forgot about deciding where you would lay your head after that difficult trip. Sure, it’s a thing that shouldn’t bother you. But you find yourself in those shoes.

You might have to make a difficult decision – do you plan for high-end luxury and reduce some of my other expenses, or should I pack some extra blankets and choose the most budget-friendly hotel that is probably as seedy as they come? Probably the latter. 

However, you do not have to pack extra blankets; nowadays, budget hotel brands are known for their pennywise features and offerings just by the roadside. Yes, quite a few economy hotel brands offer awesome service and hygienic and hip rooms.

They can also be very well located, where you might wake up to startling and mesmerizing views such as sunsets, snow-capped mountains, and other catchy views. Again, it’s as cheap as it gets. So, that’s what this article wants to show you – a good number of hip-budget hotel brands around the country and the globe.

These budget hotel brands combine reasonably priced rates with numerous amenities and specific treats and offers not found in regular hotels. This combo creates a comfortable hotel atmosphere that does not challenge your wallet. Whether for business or pleasure, you know you will get good, if not better, for your money.

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Pros of Budget Hotels

However, before we step into the business of the article, it would be wise if we discussed the pros of opting for a budget hotel brand. In reality, when talking about why you should opt for a budget hotel over standard hotels, the pros far outweigh the cons, and some of them include:

  • It is getting increasingly difficult to stay in hotels situated around national parks. Why? Because it is getting much more expensive due to the sheer volume of tourists traversing the area. However, with budget hotels, one can stay around these areas without the fear of breaking the bank. It is an avenue for saving funds.
  • Budget hotels offer a standard hotel’s basic or limited amenities and services. However, what exactly does a visitor like you need that’s more than basic? Nothing especially. You’re probably in that city to do something much more important than lying in a hotel bed all day! Since you’re just looking to stay at a hotel for a day or a few, why pay for what you do not need?


As a stranger in a strange place with no shelter, you need a place to keep and protect your stuff while you do what you need to do. It would help if you also had a place to rest when you’re done with your work for each day. This is where a budget hotel comes in; you get to store your belongings, lay your head, and do other things you need to do at a reduced price.