The Best Hip Budget Hotel Brands

Choosing a comfortable hotel is something anyone can do as several options exist in the location of your choice. The challenge, for many, always comes when they are stuck between choosing the best and doing so on a tight budget.

Interestingly, you don’t have to look far when choosing a quality hotel on a tight budget. All you need is to know where to look, and the tips to consider; below are the best hotel brands for you. Ensure you do your research for location purposes before making the final decision.

  • Motel 6

Probably the most popular traveler’s hotel right now. Every consistent traveler would surely recognize the distinct orange color and sparse building design with which Motel 6 has come to be associated. Motel 6 is known for being neat, affordable, and having friendly and courteous staff. Probably they give their staff some extra training.

They also offer pet-friendly room service and expanded cable TV (for your family). These make Motel 6 a solid option for individuals and families watching out for budgetary constraints. And what’s more, there is free coffee to start your day on a good note.

Motel 6 offers contemporary (another way to say sparse) interior design and can sometimes have a Scandinavian look. The exteriors and interiors are styled the same way, and you can find the beds and curtains in these unique colors. This is probably the cheapest option for a traveler.

  • Super 8

One of the most affordable hotel brands on this list, Super 8 has room prices that, on average, cost less than $50 a night. These motels’ special characteristics are that their properties are built as proper homes. Travelers have to gain access to the property proper to get to their room, unlike standard motels where you can access your room straight from the roadside.

  • Econo Lodge Inn and Suites

Econo Lodge Inn offers free breakfast – how cool is that! It is one of few conventional motels that still offer you a free breakfast meal when you’re done. Also, Econo Lodge Inns are often located near highways, meaning you will practically see their hotel sign just beyond the parking. Econo Lodge Inns are also known for having small buildings as the aim is to attract more travelers and provide quality service for each traveler.

  • Sleep Inn

Choice Hotels markets this property as a hotel and not a motel. It is said to be perfect for business travelers as it offers amenities a business person or traveler would most likely need for the night, such as free Wi-Fi and a free breakfast meal buffet.

Most of the Sleep Inn properties possess swimming pools and gym services or facilities. A well-known hallmark of Sleep Inn’s hotel rooms is pretty hip, with modern furnishings and bright wall colors.

  • Days Inn by Wyndham

So, another company featuring a bright logo (the rising sun) recognizable across all American highways. Their motto is “best value under the sun.” Seems a bit too obvious. Wyndham Hotels own this inn. One feature of Days Inn is the complimentary breakfast that is usually served the day after your stay (eggs and bacon or sausages), although it might not be consistent across all branches. However, free breakfast is surely a thing.

Rooms are clean and cozy and give the home bedroom feeling. They also have a knack for being located in quiet locations, and these locations might or might not have awesome picturesque views from the windows. Offerings include filling breakfasts, high-speed Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, a gym, and often, restaurants that can easily double as superb meeting places.

  • Red Roof Inn

All Red Roof Inns have red Spanish tile roofs, hence the name. Red Roof Inn is one of few budget hotel and motel leaders. Red Roof Inn has affordable prices and offers awesome services such as pet-friendly rooms (in specific locations) and Wi-Fi. They also, like others in the industry, offer free breakfast.

The rooms in this hotel are superbly designed for comfort and whatever the customer would need them for. There are multiple features like a desk workspace, free Wi-Fi, and numerous charging ports, while the rooms have wood flooring, Serta mattresses, nice-looking towels, and modern furnishings.

  • Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Best Western is a common name in the hospitality sector. With more than 70 years of experience, Best Western has over 4,500 properties worldwide and has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, due to this experience, guests of Best Western enjoy practically the same service all day and night.

Best Western hotels feature free breakfast, in-room coffee, and access to computers and printers. Other specific features specific to certain rooms and customers are work spaces, refrigerators, and microwaves.

Many reviews show Best Western to have excellent customer service. They also have a worldwide membership program, keep their fees competitive, and are as successful as a global brand can be. Alliances and partnerships prove this with several global brands.

  • Microtel Inns and Suites by Wyndham

Another competitive hotel from Wyndham. While Microtel is surely not as affordable as some of the other options on this list, it is generally better than a standard hotel. It also offers many features to other budget hotel options – pet-friendly, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, a gym, and a swimming pool. They do not stop, do they?

Microtel is available in Mexico, Canada, and some countries in Asia. Also, Microtel has branches everywhere. Suppose you miss home while on duty outside your beloved United States of America; you can count on Microtel to give you what you want. Microtel is also known for warm and cozy rooms with a renovated room feel. You see this through the granite tops and desks. All these make you want to opt for Microtel.

  • Travelodge

As far as conventional motels go, the Travelodge hotel is a solid choice. Why? Travelodge property is mostly around tourist hubs or national parks. This attracts many newcomers and gives them a first experience that will bring them back next time. And to support their strategy, amenities abound.

Examples are an onsite restaurant perfect for conversation initiation, an in-room coffee maker, and, as usual, free Wi-Fi. Travelodge is seen as a family-focused inn. Travelodge has more than 400 properties, so you will surely get one to stay with patience. They have a good record of awesome customer service and are a perfect fit.

  •  Country Inn & Suites

Country Inn and Suites is owned by the popular hotelier company Radisson. Radisson has numerous hotels in this brand scattered across South America and Asia. Country Inn and Suites offer free Wi-Fi, gym centers, and a complimentary breakfast. The number of Country Inn and Suites crossed 530 units recently.

  •  Holiday Inn

Most travelers who move around will surely prefer the Holiday Inn hotel brand because of its peculiar services. The Holiday Inn brand has two kinds – the Holiday Inn Express and the Holiday Inn. Both offerings have distinct features. Holiday Inn Express caters to business travelers who might or might not be around for much of the day. On the other hand, Holiday Inn offers expressly designed features for families.

Holiday Inn is known to choose picturesque locations. They offer basic amenities such as a swimming pool and gym. Finally, they offer free breakfast for you and your loved ones.

  •  La Quinta

It’s no secret that hotels owned by Wyndham are far too numerous on this list. It shows how well they have mastered the art of hospitality, especially in the budget hotel subsector. Wyndham has produced some top-notch budget hotels, which need to be commended, including LA Quinta.

This hotel brand is a very common choice among travelers and hotel frequenters. This is because of its revised budget prices, which help one improve the quality of their stay. Time Magazine once wrote about La Quinta being more than just a budget hotel. Here are the offerings provided:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free breakfast
  • Pet-friendly services with no charges attached.
  •  Ramada

Another Wyndham wonder. We cannot seem to get enough of them. The Ramada brand has more than 800 locations in more than 60 countries. Ramada has every type of view set up among its numerous locations, from scenic too snowy to twilight. These hotels are very affordable, and they are a low-budget option.

Ramada is usually found very close to airports, which does help air travelers. Ramada also possesses some nice interior décor for its buildings. For example, the Ramada by Wyndham in Los Angeles has a golden staircase design, which says much without saying too much. Designs like that are what the brand stands for.

  •  Hilton

Don’t you believe it? Of course, you don’t. And yes, it’s the Hilton hotel brand known for luxury worldwide. Hilton is one of the largest hotel brands in the world; over 580 hotels are under the brand. Hilton is probably not the cheapest, not even among the cheapest five, and that says a lot about what they stand for.

While they are not known for being cheap – some of their hotels are as luxurious as they come – some of their hotels are, in comparison, cheap.

However, it has to be said, the Hilton in Atlantic City cuts for good reasons.

  • Budget price hotels and services.
  • Highly comfortable rooms.
  • Quality visitor necessity.

Should you need a hotel with a high but not too high budget, then the Hilton is yours to take over.


Undoubtedly, the list above offers some of the best and most affordable hotels you can choose from. All you have to do is find the one closest to your location and check in for more details to be sure it is what you want.