Residence-style Budget Hotels

Are you one of those who want to stay in a hotel but have the same feeling as you would if you were in your home? Then, what you will be looking for is a residence-style budget hotel. However, this does not imply that they don’t exist because they do. Here is the thing – it is always easier to find a regular hotel within a tight budget than to find affordable residence-style hotels.

Below, we have highlighted some of the best residence-style hotels for which you don’t have to pay through your nose.

  • Residence Inn by Marriott

You’re probably in town for an extended period with your family, and you’re looking for a roomy hotel with homely facilities. In that case, some hoteliers offer spacious full-room suites having standard home facilities such as offices, laundry areas, and other options.

These options are referred to as residence-style budget hotels, and one provider of this is Marriott (not surprising, anyways). Hotels of these sorts are located around busy areas such as meeting and conference areas, which is why the majority of people that patronize these hotel types are business staff and vacationers. You can trust Marriott to do well by you when it comes to residence-style hotels.

  • InTown Suites

While several residence-style budget hotels can be a bit more expensive, this can only occur due to certain factors like the parent company, location, and the date it was opened. However, InTown Suites takes all of those to the bin. It is a rare residence-style budget hotel that offers the same pricing in different cities around the country. However, it must be said that it does not quite possess the reach of other residence-style budget hotels.

InTown Suites are known for comfort, with various amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi and regular house cleaning (adjustable to your preferences). Of course, the pricing is affected by how long you’re staying, so if you are thinking of staying for as long as two weeks or two months, you might get a nice and juicy discount, as long as you can afford it.

  • Studio 6

Sounds familiar? Yup, it’s a variant of Motel 6, developed by the same owner. However, Studio 6 is the residence-style option of Motel 6, hence its name. Since the same company owns them, do not be surprised to find similar offerings and designs and go through the same experience.

Studio 6 properties are not only in the United States but also in Canada. You can find them around spots that have entertainment houses and business complexes. You can also find them around malls, popular shopping chains, and diners or eateries.

However, do not be surprised if you do not find a platform to book Studio 6 rooms. Go through the usual Motel 6 website to make your bookings for Motel 6. Also, Studio 6 apartments come with some entertainment and kitchen options.

Budget Brand Reward Programs

What are budget reward Programs? These are perks a hotel gives you free or subsidized fees for a night in any of their branches. This is always given due to many previous hours spent in that hotel’s branches.

A hotel is only as good as its rewards program, as any experienced traveler and budget hotel lover knows. After all, all you need to do is book a trip, and boom, you have a free bed to sleep in a different city per night. The rewards could also be free or subsidized. So many factors affect rewards programs. Factors can vary from hotel to hotel to check-in and check-out time.

Here are some of the reward programs for some of the budget hotel brands listed above:

  • Marriott Bonvoy

To enjoy the Marriott Bonvoy program, you will have to sign up. This program can allow you to enjoy special exclusive rates and sign into your room with your mobile device. More points can also get you into special Marriott events.

You can gain points by simply staying at your favorite Marriott hotel. Depending on the exact hotel brand, you will gain ten points per dollar spent in the hotel. Other ways are by flying, eating out, or renting a car. Free nights? Get up to 7,500 points.

  • Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program

Of course, Wyndham has a rewards program; they have more hotels on this list than any other hotel. The Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program permits you to earn 10 points on every dollar a Wyndham hotel spends.

You can also gain points by undergoing budget car rentals and shopping. The more you do any of these, the more points you acquire, and the bigger the action you can redeem. You can use these points to pay for rooms as partial or full discounts. Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Programs work for Days Inn, Travelodge, Microtel Inn and Suites, and Super 8 properties.

  • My6

The My6 loyalty program has been described as being more like a niche loyalty program. This implies that it will only work for you if you are a frequent visitor of Studio 6 (or Motel 6) hotels. Of course, you will be given priority booking, fast access to your booking log, and exclusive membership offers. The privileges of signing up with My6 are not much, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Choice Privileges 

Choice Privileges are the hotel rewards for Econo Lodge and Properties. Guests who become members of the program can gain points with every night they spend in the hotel and other benefits such as shopping credits. Like the Wyndham program, this also allows you to redeem free nights and more. The higher you move in your membership, the more perks you stand to gain.


Now you know what to look for when searching for a residence-style hotel to sneak into after a long tourist day or conference meeting. Remember, you’re in a budget hotel, so you don’t need to spend so lavishly! It makes it all the better if you have some points to play around with.